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But knowing how to judge condition for yourself is an important skill whether you’re selling or buying new material for your collection. While grading sports cards is subjective, there are widely established standards that most people in the industry follow. Evan’s Sports Cards & Collectibles has 100% authenticated sports memorabilia. We offer South Jersey and Philadelphia sports fans the best and hardest to find sports memorabilia. Our store has a wide selection from NFL sports gear to major sports trading cards. Surprise the fan in your life with hard-to-find collectibles.

opening in March of 1991, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with friendly, honest, knowledgeable service, and a wide selection of baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. We also specialize in a wide selection of autographed memorabilia. We regularly host autograph signing events in our store, averaging one signing event per month. Our guests range from local stars to nationally recognized Hall of Famers. If you’re looking to sell a collection of sports cards that have not been professionally graded, you basically have two options. Collectors often turn to third party graders or TPGs to make a condition judgment for them.

And, they were required to resume at less than full capacity. This meant that for about six weeks, the “stay at home collectors” had to feed their hunger for sports cards from existing inventories which quickly depleted from the high demand.

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At the heart of the scandal is the memorabilia market’s system for assessing baseball cards, a term widely used to describe any athletic trading card. Collectors rely on grading companies — California-based Professional Sports Authenticator, part of publicly traded Collectors Universe, dominates the market — to help determine the condition and market price of cards. New collecting money and skyrocketing prices for new cards, turned attention to the relatively low cost and possibly undervalued rookie cards and star cards of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Soon these cards increased by 100%, 200% and more. Unopened “junk wax” which sat on retail shelves at $10, $20, and $30 per box, doubled and tripled in price as collectors busted these boxes in hopes of finding a “Gem Mint” card. On March 24th, the Manufacturers were also forced to shut down operations. They were not allowed to resume operations until about April 30th.

Triple Play Sports Cards has more than 685, 000 sports cards in stock. We also have McFarlane figurines online casino and other items that are hard to find. How exactly does collecting sports cards on a mobile app work?

Sports cards are like graduation for kids who were flipping sneakers. The investment in sports cards will eventually outpace sneakers in the flip game. The main difference with sports cards is that kids would be able to get them in high volume. With sneakers, kids didn’t have the option to buy high volumes of inventory – when they were “right” about a set of sneakers, they would have to wait until they came out online, buy one pair and make around $600 on them. Half-Grades and Well-Centered Cards. Most collectors place a premium on well-centered vintage sports cards. The Dean’s Cards grading software gives an additional half-grade to cards that appear “perfectly centered” to the human eye.

High demand and dwindling supply resulted in higher prices. Those which enjoyed sports betting found betting/investing in sports cards to be nearly as exhilarating. Since just about everything was on a steady upward trend, it was easy money to bet on sports cards. The only questions being, how high will it go and what/when should one sell? Since everything is constantly on the go up, the investor continues his quest and inventory depletes. And thus, the sports collecting market remains on a constant upward trend.

We are actively buying – no sports memorabilia collection is too big or too small. Along similar lines, buying sports cards could get people more invested in watching games. It provides another option for escapism, which is another reason people is going to be drawn to it.