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But imagine that same situation with K-6o in a 4-way pot – it becomes debatable if you can even call a c-bet. If the big blind is tight enough to be folding hands like Q-5s or K-7o to your opens, raising 7-2o would show an immediate profit. Heck, raising with two napkins you picked up on the floor would show an immediate profit. This phrase drove the pre-flop strategy of almost every tournament regular for years, and it still has some merit.

While the play is profitable, shoving also means that you will increase your likelihood of busting if your opponent calls and wins. A classic example where you may wish to forgo some moderate expectation to preserve your hourly rate, or tournament life, is reshoving a light hand as a resteal when facing an open. You also assume that with your current stack size, if you run average, you will expect to play another 2 hours.

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This guide will help you understand which hands to raise first in Pot Limit Omaha. Learn how your personality can alter your game and how aggressive to play. Immediately improve your Mixed Game strategy and win more money. Make quick, high-quality, profitable poker decisions based on hand categories.

When this happens you’ll bet the river trying to represent a Qx hand in hopes that he’ll fold. Depending on the run out, another option would be to check the river in hopes that you win at showdown. When facing a very small continuation bet, your pot odds will be so great that you will likely have enough equity to justify calling. You also want to pick some strategic floats that you can use to bluff the river with in the event your opponent checks back on the turn. As you can see from the screenshot above, even 94s, a typical garbage hand, has 30% equity vs. a narrow preflop opening range; therefore, it’s a clear defend.

TLV says that you should consider, not only the expectation of your play, but your hourly rate as well. Tournament life value is basing your in-game decisions, not merely on the expectation of your individual decision, but, rather, on how that play affects your tournament life as a whole. Again, you are getting a good price, but what you are really hoping for is that your opponent checks behind the turn.

As Freddy Deeb told me during my first live event, back in 2003, there’s always time. For example, your opponent agen poker online terpercaya opens in late position, and you determine you can resteal, showing a very slight profit with T9s.

…but when you 3-bet the same hand 100 big blinds deep and bets start flying in on a J-high flop, you are very likely in a world of trouble against K-J or better. If they’re going to continue with silly hands, but never 4-bet without a monster, we can 3-bet for value with little fear of being blown off of our equity. For example , K-6 on a flop of against a button open is basically a monster.